Tinman – Eighteen Strings (Original Mixes)

Now re-mastered for 2024 and with a Quantize-Locked beatgrid to 125 BPM – This is the original 1993 (publicly) Unreleased version of the classic House/Rock guitar driven ‘Eighteen Strings’ global hit by Tinman. Often referred to as ‘The Bootleg Mix’, only 300 official vinyl ‘promo’ copies were pressed up, which had the original [Nirvana] ‘Teen Spirit’ guitar chords, played in their correct sequence.

Following a Pete Tong BBC Radio 1 spin (the biggest show phone in reaction for any record to that date), numerous vinyl copies were soon pressed up by unscrupulous bootleggers, but all were grossly inferior to the original pressing. To gain full public release on the later signed FFRR Records version, the guitar chords had to be re-played in a different sequence/order to the ‘Teen Spirit’ ones and some other elements were changed also.

So, for the first time ever, the trail-blazing 1993 Un-Released (Extended 12″) + remastered version is now available for Record Store Day ’24 and pressed on Silver-Coloured Vinyl, in homage to the original iconic ’Tinman’ record sleeve. The original ‘B’ side ‘radio/edit’ version of the vinyl promo also features on this pressing, which includes a handy, DJ-friendly acapella intro – again, remastered. In addition, a brand new, 2024 ‘Vinyl DJ’ Mick Evans remix is also included – Now, for 2024 RSD, this 12” single release falls into a 30th Anniversary category (as the public release of the alternate version was 1994 on FFRR Records).

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