Various Artsits – Hillbillies In Hell: Whiskey Is The Devil

Hillbillies In Hell: Whiskey Is The Devil
The Demon Drink: Bikers, Boozy Ballads, Moonshine Minstrels, Skid Row Joes and Amphetamine Youth on the Highway To Hell (1962-1974)

Beelzebub loves Booze…

The Demon Drink. That necrotic amber liquid that drives the Innocent to Sin and the Fallen into Depravity…

Presented here for the very first time are 16 Timeless Tribulations and Pickled Revelations: Lustful Odes to Drunken Vice, Beer-soaked Homicides and the Eternal Unpaid Price.

Years in the making – ‘Hillbillies In Hell: Whiskey Is The Devil’ presents a dank barroom of battered Hayseed Inebriates, Bizarre Bottlefed Hallucinations, Slithering Sauced-up Serpents, Righteous Hellfire Prophets and the Endless Infinite Liquid Battle between the Dark and the Light.

Moments of true Beauty amidst moments of Terror, Torment and Trial.

A musty backwoods shack of forgotten 45s: Phantastic Moonshine Visitations, Delusional Rotgut Initiations, Autocidal Confrontations, Guilt-ridden Graveside Lamentations and Redemptive Revival Remonstrations – many of these sides are impossibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time.

Fill your glass and feel the infernal heat…

•HEAR the Dan Sheaffer – 3 ask HOW FAR IS IT TO HELL?!
*WITNESS Arkey Blue drown under the SCARLET WATER (KNOWN AS WINE)!
•Limited Edition Deluxe Gatefold LP with exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia!
•Full dynamic range 2024 remasters direct from the first-generation analogue master tapes!
*Original Cover Art by Eric Adrian Lee!
*Limited Edition 666 copies!
* 333 (randomly inserted) ‘Hooch Hellscape’ Splatter LPs / 333 (randomly inserted) ‘Binge Blackout’ Black LPs !Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2024 (UK/Europe) and available in participating stores on April 20, 2024.

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